Restoring of River in Turkey

EIK CAT323D2L amphibious excavator was delivered to Turkey last month to carry out maintenance work on the river bed, swamps, lakes, ponds and reservoir. Equipped with a 14m long reach with 0.6m3 bucket, and supplementary pontoon & spuds, the amphibious excavator is sent to the site to remove muds and sediments deposited at the river bank.

Part of the after-sales service, EIK salesperson and service team has flew over to oversee the installation process and conducted a training for the crews on the operation-wise and maintenance at their sites.

It was an exciting yet memorable moment to have the government officials witnessing the long reach amphibious excavator, carrying out the work effectively. All previous solutions have failed to live up to expectation, we are glad that their search for right solutions is finally over.


Click here to watch the video.


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