Transforming the “Four Wheel Drive” Technology in Marsh Buggy

EIK® having celebrated its 10 years anniversary this year, has set its sights to scale higher peaks in the coming years through our huge investment in R&D state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Amphibious excavator, also known as swamp buggy or marsh buggy, is the main selling product for EIK®. The amphibious vehicle which travels from dry land to marsh, sand and stones area is powered by the patented “Multi-synchronous hydraulic motor direct drive” system, the pivotal technology that positions EIK® at the forefront of amphibious excavator design. Having successfully winning the hearts of both new and experienced heavy machinery users all over the world, the high-performance amphibious excavator design is equipped with 2 motors at the front and rear of each pontoon, synchronized by a patented direct drive system for a full-time push and pull drive. The increased power makes up for better tracking in marshlands, uneven surfaces (climbing slopes), giving the machine power and maneuverability similar to a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The introduction of polymer track cleats has been overwhelming as it is made of high strength polymer, lasts longer than aluminium and lightweight. EIK International Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of EIK® in Malaysia, has been receiving rave reviews from our U.S. customers on the overall performance of the amphibious excavators in tough working conditions.

Stability enhancement can be done by adding supplementary pontoons on each pontoon. Spuds for supplementary pontoons will overcome the buoyancy in deep waters, providing additional stability, especially when it comes to the operational stabilily enhancement in up to 4m deep waters. As part of our market diversification, we have vigorously expanded our footprints to more than 40 countries globally, through our commitment to deliver innovative and high quality amphibious excavators and attachments for various makes and models of earthmoving equipments.

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